St. John’s Daycare accepts children of any faith between the ages of six weeks to six years.  We open at 6:30 a.m. and provide before school care to school-age children from all area schools.  The daycare closes at 6:00 p.m., providing after school care to school-age children from all area schools.

Please contact Amanda Falkenhain, Director, by calling (618)282-3873 x221 or by email.

Daycare Staff

Director: Amanda Falkenhain
Assistant Director: Kellie Shields
Teachers & Aids Lisa Quinn, Megan Diercks, Amy Williams, Nicole Kadlec, Christy Deterding, Patty Brewer, Kristi Martel, Courtney Schoenbeck, Brittany Eichholz, Madison Shields, Brooke Supancic, Pam Henry, Eileen Seibold, Melissa Shilling, Kaleigh Johnston, Kaitlin Schmitz, Haley Ehler, Hailey Guebert, Courtney Schaefer, Brittany Smith, Callen Reitz, Kailyn Moeller, Madison Falkenhain, Katherine Kelley, Alyssa Rollins, Stephanie Surman, Leah Johnston, and Lori Johnston