During this fair Ms. Ashley Ottoson impressed the judges with her oral delivery of her content and succinct yet informative paper and display board.  These impressions allowed her to score well enough to qualify for the State Science Fair which is on May 5th and 6th.

Other competitors at the Region 8 Science Fair were Molly Ellner (Gold), Megan Henry (Gold),  Allyson Fruth (Silver), Lindsey Fruth (Silver), Caleb Guebert (Silver), Kole Guebert (Silver), Katherine Schneider(Silver), Nick Fehr (Bronze), and David Koester (Bronze).  The colors following the students name indicates the quality of their score all of our students finished in one of the top three tiers of the scoring system.

Congratulations to all these student who scored high enough to qualify to compete in the regional science fair.